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Hotel Review: JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa

An amazing friend and travel buddy reached out a few months ago and suggested a girls' trip. Of course I was immediately in. We chatted briefly about where we wanted to go and settled on Cabo. Neither of us had been, and we wanted a long weekend away to chill and recharge. We picked the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa, booked our plane tickets, and went! We were blown away by the resort - and here's why.

Best spas in Cabo
Vitality pools at the Jasha Spa at the JW Marriott

We went to Cabo the weekend before Labor Day, and it seemed like we were the only ones who had decided to travel that weekend. We had the resort almost completely to ourselves. I suppose that's how celebrities feel when they rent out entire resorts for themselves and their friends. But the staff told us that even when the resort is full, it's hard to tell because there's so much space. The JW Marriott in Cabo has more pools than I could count... the resort is terraced across multiple beachfront levels, and every level had one or two pools. There are at least five public pools plus a private pool for Club members, a vitality pool in the spa, and a lap pool.

Beach-front pool, heated pool, and swim-up bar

Beyond the pools, the resort is true beachfront property. You can walk down to the beach and go for a run or walk down the sand in either direction for days.

The most popular time of year to go to Cabo is in the winter (November - December) when the whales make their migration. You can literally sit at the pool and watch hundreds of whales swim by in the ocean. That's #goals.

The beach... completely private and peaceful

It's obvious that the JW Marriott was thoughtfully designed - the architect (IDEA Asociados and Olson Kunding Architects) created the resort to make guests feel like they're in the middle of nature - a blend of modern architecture plus nature, "with clean lines, sharp angles, stone, concrete—and views of the Sea of Cortez" as Condé Nast Traveler puts it.

This swim-up bar can't be beat... pool + drinks + beach view

The service was amazing... we were always attended to by multiple staff members at a time, and they served us plenty of pool-side food and drinks, including an adorable Piña Colada inside a pineapple with the cutest pineapple bird.

Pro tip: This drink is not on the menu, but ask for the Crazy Pineapple!

The resort has five restaurants on the property. My favorite was the Niparaya JW Bar, which serves awesome sushi.

You'll need reservations for the Cafe de Artistes, which is a Mexican-French restaurant by Theirry Blouet, a Puerto Rican chef who grew up in France and Mexico. The restaurant has been named the best in Mexico, so don't forget to make reservations in advance!

The best and most important part of the resort is the Jasha Spa. It's based on a traditional pre-Hispanic Temezcal, which is a sweat lodge for health and wellbeing. The place is BEAUTIFUL. It's 100% immersive... before and after your service you can spend the day in the sauna, steam room, jacuzzis and hot tubs, lap pool, and outdoor vitality pool.

Hot tub inside the Jasha Spa

My favorite part was the massage rooms, which all have their own private outdoor gardens that let the natural light in, had their own little pools, and are planted with all kinds of beautiful Mexican plants.

The spa was absolutely worth the price, and was my favorite part of the resort.

We did explore Cabo a bit - but the resort was so awesome we really didn't want to leave it! We booked a snorkel tour out to the Sea of Cortez to see El Arco (the arch of Cabo), lovers beach, and divorce beach. We booked through Cabo Adventures and had an awesome time with a great tour guide who we both now follow on Instagram!

On Sunday night, we went into the city of Cabo San Jose for dinner and stumbled upon free community dance classes in the square. Hundreds of locals were out dancing in the square and hanging out. We of course jumped in and learned a few moves. :)

Bottom line - if you're thinking of going to Cabo and are looking for a resort, the JW Marriott was amazing. My friend and I have both been to lots of resorts and spas around the world, and we both agreed that this one is one of our favorites for sure

Note: This is not a sponsored post, and I'm not affiliated with Marriott or SPG in any way.

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