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A Vegetable Life is your plant-based guide to healthy living.


A simple Internet search about how to get healthy will lead you to millions of dietary theories, philosophies, and confusing information. One day, the news says that carbs are bad… the next, carbs are good. What's the deal with red meat, sugar, dairy… it's impossible to sort through the jumble and figure out what's actually fact-based, which studies are funded by big business, and what's just a click-bait headline.


One thing that every nutrition study agrees on is that vegetables are very, very good for you. Your mom told you to #EatYourVeggies for a reason. You can debate meat, grains, fruit, and nuts, but most studies show that a plant-based diet has incredible benefits.


That's why this guide is based on a plant-based diet. Not necessarily vegetarian or vegan; simply vegetable-forward.


Here, you'll find nutrition education, healthy recipes*, tips for a healthier lifestyle, fitness programs, and reviews for products and restaurants.


*All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free

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